UHU - 2-compnent adhesive

UHU - 2-compnent adhesive

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2-component adhesive on an epoxy resin base for quick, strong assemblies. The adhesive is transparent once it has dried; resists impact, ageing and the effects of moisture.
Mix proportion: 1 part binder to 1 part hardener (by volume).
Working time (open time) up to 5 minutes.
Initial strength achieved after 20 minutes.
Final strength = approx. 1300 N/cm2.

Materials: Metals, glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, marble, stone, concrete, Duroplast®, glass fibre reinforced synthetics, rigid PVC, rubber, rigid foam plastics such as Styropor®. Not suitable for sticking large areas of glass

18 g + 17 g/ 2 x 15 ml

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