TopHat® points

TopHat® points

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With TopHat you always hit the bull's eye".
TopHat® Arrow heads with threaded cylindrical receptacle

- No shaft sharpening never again: The blunt untapered shaft is turned into the head using a pair of pliers (tapping thread)

- No glue any more: TopHat® is screwed onto the blunt shaft without any adhesive. The tapping thread prevents the head from detaching itself!

- Auto-centring head: TopHat® centres itself as the shaft end is screwed into the conical area of the front section of the head. Improved ballistic properties and higher accuracy.

- Longer shaft life: The wooden shaft is protected by cylindrical encasing right at the point where the most violent impact and splinter forces occur.

- Easy removal from target: The head diameter is somewhat larger than the shaft diameter which widens the point of entry and noticeably facilitates arrow removal.
In order to provide a smooth transition from the head to the shaft, the head diameter ends in a slightly conical fashion.TopHat centres itself as the shaft is screwed into the conical area of the front section of the head. A point which stays where it is supposed to be! I.e. at the end of the shaft and not in penetrated material. No more shaping of shafts! No more glueing! Auto-centring head! Longer shaft life! Easy removal from targets. Available in 3D or bullet, steel or brass and field points blued steel
5/16 or 11/32

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