Shark Feather Cutter

Shark Feather Cutter

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Tools must work perfectly and they need to keep this functionality for a long time. Germany is has a name for producing the best and most durable machines and tools in the world. The feather cutter “Shark Cutter” is a 100% German product. Made in Germany; from the initial development of this great tool right the way through to the packaging. A German engineer and bowyer took on the intensive challenge to produce a perfectly functioning feather cutter and developed the Shark Cutter.


In our opinion the Shark Cutter is the best feather cutter available!

  • Available shapes: Shield, Parabolic, Saubuckel, Indian Style, Legolas, Shark, Old English, M 1 Super Speed
  • Available lengths: 3inch, 4inch, 5inch, (custom sizes available between 2" – 5.5”)
  • Quality: Handcrafted in Germany
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