Penthalon SL Black

Penthalon SL Black

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With the thin and light Slim Line carbon arrows, you can choose the optimal arrow for any particular bow, from the tough spine value 500 to the super soft spine value 1300. This is how you can achieve optimal performance and speed for any bow.

● Available Spine Values: 1300, 1000, 800, 600, 500
● Straightness: 004
● Feathers: Natural feathers

Price for one arrow

Spine: 1600 Length:up to 28 inches
Spine: 1300 Length: up to 30 inches
Spine: 1000 Length: up to 30 inches
Spine: 800 Length:  up to30 inches
Spine: 600 Length: up to 30 inches
Spine: 500 Length: up to32 inches
Spine: 400 Length: to 32 inches

The arrows have natural r/w turkey feathers, 3D Combo points and push in nocks

Please specify:
Feathers: 3", 4" or 5" shield or parabol and colour
Points (weight): 65grs, 85grs, 100grs or 125grs

The arrow length is generally measured from the bottom of the nock to the back of the pile.

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