Combination Stone, Sun Tiger®

Combination Stone, Sun Tiger®

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High-quality, man-made combination stone with two grits in one, for shaping and sharpening.Japanese Man-MadeWaterstones (Toishi)

The fast, clean cutting action of man-made Japanese waterstones is making them more and more popular among Western woodworkers. Their soft bond and open-pored structure allow fresh,sharp abrasives to be continually exposed during use, resulting in optimal sharpening performance.

The stones are made of highly purified metal oxide, carbide and nitride particles bonded together in a ceramic orsynthetic matrix. They are suitable for both Japanese and European cuttingtools and knives. Prior to use, the stones must be soaked for 2 - 10 minutes, depending on grit. Alternately, they can be stored in water-filled containers for immediate use.

Grain: 250/1000
Grinding surface: 150mm

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