Large Japanese All-Purpose Hatchet

Large Japanese All-Purpose Hatchet

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Hatchet with double bevel and slighly curved edge. Small socket for increased stability. Thanks to the single-sided beard, which protects the fingers, this hatchet can also be held with one hand near the head, for example for finishing work. Made from forged malleable cast iron.

Japanese Axes
With their laminated forged blades, Japanese axes are the epitome of the fine art of blacksmithing. The durability and sharpness of the steel along with the well proportioned axe heads and handles are unmatched!
Japanese axes feature:
Forged double-layer blades - very hard cutting edges of 58-60 HRC steel and impact-absorbing soft iron body*
Handle of untreated Japanese white oak
Each axe comes with premium leather sheath

(*unless otherwise stated)

Head weight 750 g, Blade length 118 mm, Overall length 360 mm.

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