Cowhide for Knife Sheaths

Cowhide for Knife Sheaths

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Strong, vegetable tanned leather from Swedish cowhide. Approx. 2.2 mm thick, acid-free, excellent for making knife sheaths, soft (can be hardened using soda), colorable.

Tips for hardening leather:
By soaking leather in a soda solution (approx. 5-10 tablespoons per 3 liters of water, 20 minutes), it becomes more shapable, and will hardened once it dries (the word sode is derived from the latin word solidur meaning hard). This is particularly recommended when shaping soft and semi-soft leather into knife sheaths and other shapes. The leather gets a bit darker during the process and takes on a wonderful patina.

Approx. 120 x 250 mm, thickness 2.2 mm, brown or natural

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