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Why traditional archery?


  A few good reasons to shoot traditional bows:

  • Longbows, Flatbows and Recurves are fun, even a joy, to use. They're simple, uncomplicated and user friendly.
  • Traditional Archery can become a way of life, much more than a temporary interest in a hobby.
  • There is a beauty not only in the bows themselves, but in the arrows as well, in flight as well as appearance.
  • There is a challange in shooting the bows in the instinctive style. You want to master them, to draw, hold, and release without conscious aim - accurately.
  • Traditional bows lend themselves to more shooting than mechanicals, the archer firing arrows smoothly and naturally.
  • The simpler bow has a long and amazing history that in many ways embodies the story of man himself. It has cultural value. 
  • Traditional archery is a visit to a simpler world, relaxing and recreational."

  "Tradition means not picking up the ashes, but passing on the flame." Ricarda Huch